Colorado's Approved Ignition Interlock Vendors

There are currently five approved ignition interlock vendors that have state contracts to run the ignition interlock program.  Each one of these companies have their own ignition interlock device (IID) and network.  NOT ALL ignition interlock vendors are the same.  From the equipment (IID) they use to the service they provide not all vendors are equal.  Do your homework!  After all, it will be you paying the price in an extended lease or being stranded.


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  2. GUARDIAN                            Reviews
  3. INTOXALOCK                        Reviews
  4. LIFE SAFER                          Reviews
  5. SMART START                      Reviews

These five vendors can authorize subcontractors to run the ignition interlock program provided they adhere to Colorado's DMV guidelines, rules, and procedures as well as the vendors own policies.


Sentry Interlock, LLC is a Draeger Authorized service provider.

What does it cost?

Installation fee:

Most interlock vendors no longer charge for installing the ignition interlock device (IID) due to the competitive nature of the industry.  Most will also waive the first month's lease.  What this means to you is that there will be no cost to get the device installed in your vehicle.  Remember, you must install the device before you can submit your application to the DMV for reinstatement.


Monthly lease fee:

Prices here will range from roughly $60 to $75 a month after taxes.  Make sure when shops are quoting you a price they include the sales tax.  Draeger quotes you the total price after tax and almost all the other shops do not.

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